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    First bite of Can Eat in Stirchley

    For anyone that follows me on social media, they’ll know that my Saturdays start with a trip to the bakery in Stirchley, so the conundrum of Can Eat opening posed some problems.  Well, I say that, really what I mean is that I try and fit in two breakfasts these days.

    For those who think the name sounds familiar, CANeat was previously a pop-up restaurant run by Dom, Vic and Lap in association with Loaf community bakery and cookery school back in 2013…which is my justification for the whole two breakfasts thing.  Dom has now revived the name to open a lovely little cafe in Stirchley that is so dangerously close to Bournville train station that I worry people might genuinely start getting the train to it and I’ll never get a seat in there again.

    Anyway, this isn’t a full review, just a ‘first bite’ to say how much I’ve enjoyed the few times I’ve been in there.  A preliminary visit for coffee left me pleasantly surprised to find out their non-dairy milk is oat milk (praise the gods, soya is not my favourite) and that they’re cashless, as in you pay by card…although cash tips, totally still welcome.  On second visit I had the eggs with gochujang mayo on toast…and then I had it a second time on my third visit, because it’s that good. Honestly, I’m planning on going back again soon and I’m telling myself I need to order something else, but the gochujang mayo makes me really happy…I want it on everything, even ice cream.

    I like the menu, it’s small and relatively uncomplicated with porridge, bircher and granola as well as a few toast options for breakfast and some lunch items, as well as a very well stocked cake cabinet.  Keeping it local, they serve Quarter Horse Coffee and there’s also something called a Turmeric Arnold Palmer which I totally had to look up and turns out it’s probably an iced tea and lemonade thing with turmeric…I think they’ve out-Moseleyed Moseley on that one.

    Can Eat is open Tuesday – Saturday from 7:30am – 4pm, which means I’m a little disappointed that there’s no after-work trips, but it does mean that if I speed up on my bike I could theoretically do breakfast before work.  Also, they do lunch but I haven’t gotten over the gochujang mayo to try that yet…one day.

    Can Eat, 1397 Pershore road, Stirchley High Street, Birmingham B30 2JR

    Disclaimer: paid for all my visits myself. Or rather I used my magic contactless card to pay but probably should just set up a direct debit.

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    First Bite: Chilli Aariz in Stirchley

    lamb_mirchi_masalaYou know how it is when you’re full of the lurgy and after what feels like a lifetime you’re finally able to eat something other than bread?  Yep, that happened to me recently and I celebrated with curry…obviously.

    I still wasn’t feeling tip-top, so ordering a take away to be delivered seemed like the wisest plan and, as I was sitting on a voucher for hungryhouse, I figured I’d try one of the local curry houses.  Honestly, I’d like to tell you there was lots of thinking behind this but I went with whichever one the app came up with first and Chilli Aariz in Stirchley was it.

    I sort of went overboard with the ordering, mainly because all I’d eaten all week was bread, and they had a deal where you got 20% off if you spent over £20, so I figured what the hell (and I could always reheat the leftovers).  I wasn’t overly sure spicy curry was the wisest idea so went with something mild and something a bit spicier.  In the end I ordered; chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, naan, pilau rice, shish kebab and lamb mirchi masala.

    The chicken tikka masala was pretty standard because I’m not sure it’s ever the most exciting of dishes.  I sometimes wish saag paneer wasn’t a side dish because spinach and cheese is lovely, although the addition of a few slices of tomato confused me a bit.  The lamb mirchi masala was described as arinatuc herbs and spices along with green chillies, garlic and coriander.  I probably should’ve guessed that spices and green chillies might be a bit on the hot side, but their menu never mentioned this.  For most of the week my taste buds couldn’t cope with much more exciting than bread, so maybe I was being a wuss but this blasted through my head cold and felt more of the medium-hot scale.

    The service was also pretty good too; the food arrived in the time they said it would, and whilst the driver got a little confused as to where I live was (the sat nav likes to send people to the wrong road) he called and apologised profusely.  I’m not sure my taste buds were entirely up to reviewing this place properly, but I was satisfied with my first bite of food after not being able to eat much all week, so I’ll order from Chilli Aariz again.

    hungryhouse are running a competition where they’ll be awarding £25 hungryhouse vouchers every day until the 23 October 2015.  To enter, Instagram a photo of your food, tag @hungryhouseuk and use the hashtag #FirstBite.   For more information, or to check out their terms & conditions, visit


    Disclosure: hungryhouse sent me a voucher which had no strings attached – no really!  Anyway, as it arrived just in time for me to be able to order actual food I figured I might as well tie it in with their First Bite competition, because who doesn’t love an excuse to Instagram.