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    Chick-fil-A pops up in Birmingham

    It is oh so very typically British of me, but I have a soft spot for a queue; it’s the anticipation, the idea that this must be good because that many people have decided to give up their time to hang around instead of going elsewhere.  I bloody loved midnight releases for Harry Potter, not just because I needed to know what happened next, but that shared excitement is dizzyingly moreish.

    So, as I stood inside The Cube, where American premium fast food group Chick-fil-A had organised a while-stop pop-up, listening to the excitement of everyone around me was addictive.  What’s more, it had a distinctly American accent.  Word had gotten out to the American ex-pat community and several groups of people had traveled the length of our fair country just to get a taste of home.  One American boy, who was probably about eight, could specifically recount the last time he’d had a Chick-fil-A sandwich, which is dedication you can’t buy.  And apparently journeying to get a Chick-fil-A meal isn’t all that uncommon; I was recounting my visit to my American friend Erica who told me she often travels and hour and a half when she’s back in the states just to visit one of their branches.

    And it turns out that it isn’t just the food that inspires loyalty amongst the Chick-fil-A fanatics.  The food and drinks industry is pretty transient by nature, people pick up part-time jobs tending bar or waitress throughout school and college.  But, as Vice President – International, Rich Matherne, told me, Chick-fil-A’s retention rate for staff who want to stay with the family is impressively high.  Their venues lead in the US average sales per restaurant, beating the likes of McDonald’s, and with a relatively small amount of money needed to become a Chick-fil-A operator, they often see staff who have come up through the ranks secure a position.  This is even more impressive because they’re quite particular with who they’ll partner with and have a high number of franchisee applicants every year.

    At the pop-up in Birmingham, the whole atmosphere has a real wholesome family feel about it, not just because they’re family-owned, but because the staff are so polite (they respond to thanks with “My pleasure”, something which Erica confirmed is a consistent thing) and they close on Sundays.  Closing on a Sunday sounds like a mad idea but in an industry where you’re at the mercy of a rota, knowing you’re guaranteed the same day off every week must be a godsend.  I know it would make it easier for me to make plans with friends and family.

    We tried their famous chicken sandwich and waffle fries.  I’ll admit, I was a bit sceptical about the waffle fries, they looked a bit light and like they may have been cooked in a rush.  Turns out, I need not have worried, they were delicious – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside but not oozing in fat.  I dipped them in the Chick-fil-A sauce that is available to dress the sandwiches, should you wish.

    Ah, the sandwich.  Ordinarily I roll my eyes at the idea that a burger is called a sandwich, but I’ll accept if from Chick-fil-A.  Their chicken sandwich doesn’t feel as heavy as a burger, and whilst it’s a chicken breast lightly spiced and fried, and encased in a bread bun with two (or three) pickles, that’s it.  There’s none of the extra faff that usually comes with a burger and it’s up to the diner to decide if they want to add sauce or not.  I’m what Rich called a ‘purist’, because although I did try the sauce and ended up using it for my fries, the sandwich was good enough that I didn’t need to add the sauce to it.  The food really doesn’t have the same run-of-the-mill fast food feel; the chicken breast is actually chicken, the fries aren’t overly greasy. As Rich puts it, it’s the kind of food mum’s don’t mind buying for their kids and I can totally see that, I’m pretty sure it would be the kind of place I could convince my mum to eat at.

    In the interests of science, I had a second chicken sandwich that had remained wrapped in the insulated bag and it did indeed remain fresh.  Rich mentioned that they’re often told stories about how some people who drive a distance to get their burgers actually like them at a cooler temperature and I could understand that – the flavours subtly changed when it was slightly cooler but worked just as well.  Had they been two burgers, I’d probably have needed to crash out on the floor, but the lightness of the sandwiches meant that I was definitely full but it didn’t feel like weighed down by it.

    Chick-fil-A haven’t decided where they’re opening outside the US, but they’re doing their research thoroughly, and they’re being supported by their friends who dropped in for food and to pose with the ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ mascot.  And if I needed any more convincing of the affection customers have for Chick-fil-A then the amount of adults who wanted their photo taken with the cow would’ve swung it – I think they might’ve been in equal measure with the children.

    I’m just hoping I’m not going to be like that little boy and have to wait two more years for another Chick-fil-A sandwich – fingers crossed they make it across the pond soon.

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    Big Papas at Sunflower Lounge

    I have a confession to make; I have a total weakness for a certain fried-chicken fast food chain – I can’t help it, I just really like their hot wings!  So when I heard that the newly refurbished Sunflower Lounge was now playing host to street and soul food vendors Big Papa’s Beautiful South, whose menu included some buttermilk-fried chicken, I knew I had to go down and check it out, and so I did.

    The Sunflower Lounge has had a much needed refurb – and my gosh did it need it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a grubby live music venue, but the tired old little venue was feeling a little unloved.  The £100,000 refurb has breathed new life into the bar, improved the drinks selection and added some important features like new lighting, flooring and improved the decor.  It’s also made it somewhere that you might actually want to eat…which is handy as street food vendors Big Papa’s Beautiful South have taken over the kitchen (who knew there was even a kitchen there before).

    buttermilk chicken yam mash greensI glanced at the kitchen but as Big Papas had been teasing their offerings on social media I knew I wanted the buttermilk-fried chicken and so that’s what I ordered.  What arrived was a big old hunk of meat which had a lovely crisp coating and despite its size the meat inside had been cooked well but was still juicy and delicious.  It was a meal in and of itself.

    Given it was a Sunday afternoon I fancied trying to convince myself that this was a twist on a Sunday Roast, so I tried two of the selection of sides on offer at the time, the greens and yam mash.  The yam mash had a nice, simple flavour but gave the carb portion of the meal a bit more of a healthier feel.  Sadly this has disappeared from the new menu, which doesn’t really surprise me as I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t get the obsession for sweet potato fries but I suspect they are very popular.  Perhaps it’s listening to the Die Hard soundtrack too much but I would’ve liked collard greens and what was presented felt a bit uninspired.  I suspect (hope) that this was the result of a busy trading and that when I return they might have improved as it was nice to see a vegetable side that was a bit different.

    fried chicken and greens

    By this point I was feeling pretty stuffed, but Anthony, aka one half of Big Papas, had spotted me tweeting about my meal and came out to say hello, bringing with him some Mississippi mud pie with whisky sauce.  If I’d thought the buttermilk-friend chicken was a generous portion, then it had nothing on the pie which could’ve easily satisfied two (if you were feeling nice enough to share).  The biscuit base and whisky cream really complimented the richness of the chocolate cake but equally provided a contrast that stopped it being too sickly.  Despite a really good effort from me I wasn’t able to finish it, but I’m determined not to let it beat me next time!
    mississippi mud pie

    After two courses I waddled off the the cinema, well and truly full to the brim.  Whilst they might have started off as a street food outfit, it’s great to see Big Papas find a home at the Sunflower Lounge.  Their food is generously portioned, well cooked and with its roots firmly in soul food, it feels like Big Papas is the perfect fit for the Sunflower Lounge.  Along with the refurb, Big Papa’s have brought the place back to being somewhere to make the effort to go to.  Check out their Facebook and Twitter account for the menus – they post regular too but be warned this will make you have food envy.

    Sunflower Lounge, 76 Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham, B5 4EG

    Disclosure: I paid for my my own main meal, although I was given free pudding which was very nice of them and I felt super guilty for not finishing it.  As usual I wasn’t obliged to say anything nice and I think that should be pretty obvious.  And in case you were wondering I saw It Follows which was a terrible choice given how full I was feeling and how bloody creepy that film was.