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    Quick brunch at Coffee Residence, Cotteridge

    I nearly entitled this ‘blown away by beans’ but then I realised that I would spent the entire post trying to slip in as many fart jokes as possible, and if you had any illusions of me being a serious food blogger then they would be shattered.  But seriously, who knew proper beans could elevate a full English breakfast?  Coffee Residence in Cotteridge, that’s who.

    In a haze of having booked a day off work to go cycling, only to be overcome with the lurgy and thusly subjecting myself to a day of errands, I wandered up to Cotteridge to go visit the charity shops.  Now whilst its neighbour Stirchley might be getting all the kudos for being the ‘Shorditch of Birmingham’ (seriously, whoever invented that, you need to stop), Cotteridge is a lot less cool, but it is functional – its got a sorting office, and a butchers, and a green grocers, and a bunch of fast food places, and a strange looking Italian that keeps threatening to close but never does. There is a cake decorating materials shop with some fantastic cakes in the window, but it’s hardly worth the trip for.

    In fact, before today my only experience of Coffee Residence was that it was the only place nearby that will do a big disco coffee for me to take out if I’ve visited the sorting office before work. But today a combination of the lurgy, a rather overambitious plan to take something back to the shop and lunchtime meant I needed a large coffee and some food, and there seemed the best option.

    The place is fairly functional, but cosy, although if anything it was a bit too warm for my liking, but that could well have been the lurgy talking.  There’s lots of seating, and I was pleased to find that it was nicely busy, which is pretty unusual for a Monday lunchtime in an area which doesn’t attract yummy mummy types.

    I ordered the Residence Breakfast and a large vanilla soya latte.  We’ll get to the breakfast in a minute, but let me tell you about the coffee.  It was an excellent disco coffee, and reasonable priced considering their idea of a large is actually more of a bucket.  It was disco-sweet without being sickly and frankly a lot better than a lot of the chain places I usually go if I want a warm caffeinated hug of a drink. It also survived because drunk lukewarm (I was distracted by the breakfast).

    The Residence Breakfast consists of a butchers sausage, streaky bacon, scrambled egg, homemade rosti and beans, grilled tomato and sourdough toast, except I swapped out the grilled tomato for a mushroom which they were totally fine with.  For seven pounds it was a pretty good deal, although there’s a bigger breakfast if you fancy it.  And a bunch of other stuff – including hot dogs, which I saw a small girl trying to navigate trying to eat and she looked like she was having fun.

    Breakfast wise I was impressed.  Although the sausage was a little on the small side, but tasty nevertheless, the bacon was delicious – superbly salty and just what I wanted.  The mushroom was cooked well and I was pleased they let me substitute it, and the scrambled eggs were delightfully creamy and fluffy and utterly wonderful. The single slice of sourdough was sufficient and nicely toasted which gave it a crunch without making it too crusty.  But the absolute star of the show was the beans.  It was clear they were homemade and under normal circumstances I always want to see beans with my breakfast, but they’re there to make me feel a bit better about all the red meat, rather than any particular actual enjoyment.  Yet as I was munching away on the bacon I realised a plant-based lifestyle was never going to be something I’d achieve, I would honestly I’d come back here for beans on toast… they were that good.

    So there we have it, whilst Stirchley might have my favourite bakery, a vegan pie shop and a cracking couple of cafes…it turns out, up the hill isn’t so bad after all.

    Coffee Residence, 23 Watford Road, Cotteridge, Birmingham B30 1JB

    Disclaimer: Paid for it all by myself, and though I didn’t tell them I was a food blogger, I don’t imagine they get many people who take out a camera to photograph their lunch. Then again this is Cotteridge, where stranger things have happened.

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    What’s Your Biggest Craving…?

    Mini Cravings are the latest product to join The Laughing Cow family and they’re designed to offer a satisfying nibble when you’re craving something but don’t want to spoil your appetite.  They come in a range of flavours, including original, smoked cheese and garlic & herb.  They’re also 14 calories a square and my calorie-conscious mother has already tried them and given them her seal of approval – she had a couple right before lunch and I was a bit worried, thankfully they really didn’t spoil her appetite but did give her enough energy to wander around some shoe shops first.


    Ahead of their Cravings Cube rolling into Birmingham this weekend to launch the Mini Cravings range, the team at The Laughing Cow decided to play cravings genie, promising to satisfy my cravings after posing the question to me “What’s Your Biggest Craving”.  For someone who is pretty much constantly curious (and not just about food), this is a terrible question.  After discounting things like Bernard’s Watch to stop time, one of those Matrix plug-in thingies so I can learn everything, or a pet dinosaur, I realised that by biggest cravings were pretty simple – and food and drink related, obviously.

    coffee and waffles

    Having just moved into a flat and gained a kitchen of my own, I’ve found myself wistfully coveting kitchen gadgets, to the point where my mum will often find me wandering off to gaze at them when we meet up to go shopping.  As someone who spends a lot of time busy doing things and not enough time sleeping, I’m always crazing lazy mornings with good breakfasts.  I have a total weakness for disco coffees (coffee with some sort of sugary flavouring) which I indulge a little too much on my way to work when I’ve decided to press snooze one too many times.  Plus my new flat means that my mum and her husband sometimes pop in on their weekend cycling trips for a coffee, so good coffee is an absolute requirement in my home.  I’ve been eying up a proper coffee machine for weeks now so I can save my pennies and make my own disco coffees at home, but I’ve been buying practical things like bookcases instead.

    waffles and ice cream

    And you know how the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I love nothing more than treating myself to something a little indulgent at the weekend.  Ever since I stayed in a hotel which had its own waffle maker I’ve been wanting a waffle maker of my very own.  Ordinarily I prefer savoury over sweet, but waffles and maple syrup (with streaky bacon if I remember to buy it) is a gloriously indulgent breakfast.  Until now, I just used to buy the pre-made ones, but always fancied having a go at my own.  They’re also pretty nifty with a few scoops of ice cream for pudding too.

    The Laughing Cow’s Cravings Cube has been touring the country and will be rolling into The Bullring this Saturday and Sunday, 22-23 August 2015, to offer you the chance to play the cube and possibly win some great prizes, check out the mini cravings range and try out the Mini Cravings too.  Check out The Laughing Cow Facebook page for photos from previous visits too.

    caving cube locations

    So what have you been craving?

    Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with The Laughing Cow.  As always, they are my honest opinions…and my mum really did eat the cheese right before we left for lunch. I also resisted any urges to make jokes about how my surname sounds a bit like cravin’.