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    Christmas gift guide

    I know, this is way later than I intended but if you’re running low on Christmas cheer and need some inspiration for Christmas gifts for your foodie friends and loved ones, here are five to get you started…

    This Cookbook Belongs To Us

    Hear me out, recipe books might seem like a naff idea for the foodie in your life but this one is actually good. Not only is it packed with recipes which actual normal humans could feasibly make on a regular basis, it also has fancier ones too. Better yet, the recipes feature personal stories about what the recipes mean to people, and the money raised goes to support refugees in transit. So really you’re buying double the gift, a present for your lovely one and goodwill to men (women and non-binary folk).

    Costs £12.50 from Bearwood and Kings Heath Action for Refugees website

    Independent Birmingham card

    Yeah, I know I recommend this every year, but every year it continues to add good value. I’m pretty sure I’ve recouped the cost of one on trips to The Electric alone, which I then spend on tea and cake to eat before the film. The IB card gets you some great deals at a number of independent venues in the city and you will easily make your money back within the year, even if your memory is as crap as mine. It’s also a handy little reminder about some of the more off the beaten track venues that exist around the city.

    Buy from the Independent Birmingham website

    Cheese and wine from Grace + James

    This is a great gift because the chances are they’ll invite you round to enjoy the cheese and wine you’ve just gifted them, and so it pays to get something good. Kings Heath’s Grace + James have pulled together a number of cheese and wine offerings from a top notch hamper through to an array of wines for the big day itself. Their Christmas Day wine case will see you through your Christmas Meal, with two bottles of red, two bottles of white, a bottle of fizz and a bottle of dessert wine for afters.

    Prices range depending on items ordered, which can be done in store or via email.

    Byng Inc’s Daily Special 2019 calendar gift set

    Local artist Louise Byng has created a calendar which takes views on a culinary voyage to discover the weird and wonderful experience of cuisine and culture. With everything from historic honey through to a special edition Burger King Whopper, this A4 calendar will not only provide you with some interesting fact, but 25% of all profits are donated to Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity.

    Order from Byng Inc:

    Gift Cards

    What do you get the person who has everything? Easy, get them an experience they’ll enjoy and, even better, you won’t have to wrap anything – better yet, they might take you along to share the joy.

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    International Women’s Day 2017


    I know, on the face of it, International Women’s Day might not have a lot to do with the food and drink scene in a city in England.  However, for anyone who has been paying attention you will have noticed that it’s a bit of a sausage fest, and most of the well known names are distinctly male.  So I figured today was a good day to celebrate some badass women doing cool stuff in Birmingham – apologies to all those who I missed off the list, I ran out of time!

    Amy Seton and Victoria Osgood, Whisky Birmingham festival and Birmingham Whisky Club

    Whisky has this reputation for being a bit of an old man’s drink so if you’re young and female then you expect a bit of confusion when you turn up to whisky events.  But imagine being a woman and the organisers of the best whisky festival in the city and a whole raft of great whisky events too?  Yeah, that is not going to be the easiest thing ever, but Amy and Vicky know their stuff and put on some great events highlighting some great whiskies from around the world with some top-notch speakers.

     Holly Jackson, Carters of Moseley

    I’ve been lucky enough to visit Carter’s a few times over the years and whilst there is no doubt about how fantastic the food is, that Michelin star was well deserved; but it was the relaxed, friendly but entirely on point service that drew me back in.  And for that, Maitre d’ and proprietor Holly must be congratulated.  Thank you for creating a place that feels like a real treat, but somewhere you can relax and not feel like you’re being observed like a specimen in a lab.

    Imogen Hudson, Jen Smith, Holly Smith and Jen Nadin (Cherry Reds). Picture, used with permission, by Jas Sansi

    Jen Nadin, Cherry Reds

    I bloody love Cherry Reds. This will come as no surprise to anyone who interacts with me on social media; it’s often my most recommended place because it covers nearly all dietary requirements without making a song and dance about it, has a great beer selection and a really nice, relaxed atmosphere.  And no one minds when you order tea and cake on a Friday night.  Jen is the brains behind Cherry Reds and for that I salute her.

    Marverine Cole aka Beer Beauty

    Marverine is Birmingham’s first Beer Sommelier, as accredited by the UK Beer Academy, in another industry typically associated with men.  As well as winning award for her beer videos, she has appeared on a bunch of TV shows promoting Britain’s national drink.

    Martha and Molly, Loaf

    I think all the staff at Loaf are great but special mention to Martha and Molly who put up with me every Saturday morning after I’ve rolled out of bed and headed to Loaf, pre-coffee and still half asleep.  As well as starting my day with one of their delicious croissants, a quick chat with them is a great start to the day.

    Rosie Ginday, Miss Macaroon, promotional photo

    Rosie Ginday, Miss Macaron

    Rosie trained as a high-end pastry chef at University College Birmingham and worked at the Michelin-starred Purnell’s restaurant before founding Miss Macaroon.  As well as making these sweet treats, they provide employment and training programmes aimed at young people who have left care, slipped through the education system or find themselves homeless.

    Kaye Winwood

    If you’ve been to any slightly out there events in Birmingham that fuse food and art together, chances are that Kaye has been behind them.  From her work with Companis through to last year’s Diabolical Roses and the upcoming Expanded Intimacy, Kaye has been producing immersive dining experiences, which are a highlight in Birmingham’s calendar.

    Opus Restaurant Irene Allen, photo used with permission

    Irene Allen, Opus

    Director of Opus on Cornwall St and Bar Opus in Two Snowhill, Irene and her team have been doing some stellar work supporting young people in the hospitality trade with their links with University College Birmingham and their commitment to sustainability.  And their prix fixe menu is a really good deal.

    Pip, Pip’s Hot Sauce

    I recently marinated some chicken in Pip’s BBQ sauce and it was bloody delicious, which is hardly surprising as Pip’s sauce has a cult following in the city.  Often found manning her own stall at various markets in the city, Pip’s Hot Sauce is made in small batches and can even be made up as wedding favours, which sounds like a superb idea.

    Katie Rouse of Crushed & Cubed

    Katie has spent a good deal of time making sure that Birmingham’s independent scene has some decent drinks.  As a bartender she has been seen slinging cocktails behind bars at The Victoria, Jekyll & Hyde and The Botanist. But taking the step up, she’s currently managing director of Crushed & Cubed, making sure that there are some interesting bottles on the city’s independent back bars so we punters have something good to drink.

    Happy International Women’s Day ladies (and gents) – lets raise a glass to those women making Birmingham great!

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    Burns Night 2015 in Birmingham-ish

    Any excuse to drink whisky and stay out late on a school night…it must be Burn’s Night!  There are a few celebrations happening in and around Birmingham, so I’ve collected together ones I’ve stumbled across *insert joke about drinking too much whisky here*

    Burns Night Whisky & Poetry at the Library

    Experts from Birmingham Whisky Club will guide you through a tasting of six drams of whisky, poetry will be presented by Birmingham Poet Laureate, Adrian Blackledge, and there will be a dinner of haggis, neeps and tatties (a vegetarian option is available).  More details.

    Burns Night at Moor Hall

    If you’re north of the city and looking to celebrate Burns Night early, then Moor Hall hotel in Sutton Coldfield are doing a four course dinner and entertainment on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th January.  Dress is lounge suit or kilt (it would be rude not to) and the evenings will include a traditional piper to escort the haggis and dancing to an authentic ceilidh band.  Click here to book via email.

    Burns Night at The Church

    Celebrating Burns Night with a Soul Food Project twist, The Church will be serving three courses with live music, all in their unique style.  Tickets are £15 a head for three courses with sharing plates and are available behind the bar or online from here.

    Burns Night fundraiser for Solihull MS

    Not too much details on this, other than a Facebook page but it’s for a good cause so I thought it was worth including.  The event, which takes place at the Knowle Royal British Legion, will serve up haggis, neaps and tatties as well as entertainment in the form of a piper, mini quiz and games.  More details are available at their Facebook event page.

    Events, News

    Whisky Birmingham Festival 2015 on sale

    Pour me a drop of the good stuff because the fantastic Whisky Birmingham festival is returning in March – bigger and better than last year!

    Whisky Birmingham festival - Exhibitor pours a glass for a visiting coupleTaking place on Saturday 7 March at The Bond in Digbeth, Whisky Birmingham already has some big names in the whisky world confirmed, including Laphroaig, Buffalo Trace and Chivas Regal set to attend.  It’s already the largest whisky festival in the country outside of London, in part due to  doubling in size last year, and with over 150 whiskies due to be available to try this year it’s set to be even bigger and better.  As well as the traditional Scotch, the  festival will also play host to whisky from around the world, including Penderyn from Wales, and Paul John, distilled in India.

    There’ll also be the return of the whisky-themed masterclasses – I heard great things about them last year which paired whisky with chocolate, cigars and cheese (I was busy pairing whisky with whisky to attend one of those sessions).  More details about this year’s masterclasses will arrive soon.

    There are two ways to get in; general admission or VIP tickets.  General admission (£30 plus booking) will get you whisky, a festival glass and a ‘dream dram’ token, whereas the VIP ticket (£70 plus booking) will get you all of the former plus entry an hour earlier to the exhibition halls, a brand masterclass and an extra ‘dream dram’ token.

    Tickets are available from and if it’s anything like the last few years it’s well worth getting your ticket early because they have sold out.