Privacy Policy

Well done if you’ve made it to this page.  Honestly, I write a lot of nonsense on this blog and this is peak nonsense because the internet keeps telling me that I will be doomed or bankrupted if I don’t comply with GDPR.  And if you bankrupt me I won’t have money for the food that I can then write nonsense about here.

Full to the Brum apparently uses cookies, the small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site work, but also to give you a better experience when you’re on the site. On this site they’re a good thing.  Full to the Brum also uses the biscuit kind of cookies when writing the site, but apparently that’s less important. Unless you’re the makers of Party Rings, in which case, I am your biggest fan.

It might be that you’re anti-cookie (the internet ones, not the biscuit ones) and you want to disable them on this site and other websites.  If this is the case then the best way to do that is on your browser – check out the help section on your browser for more information on this – or take a look at the About Cookies website which offers guidance.

I also use a third-party tool, namely Google Analytics for the occasional time I think I should be taking this more seriously and doing things like checking stats and seeing what sort of thing people liked reading on the blog.  This sort of blogging existential crisis happens about two or three times a year and when it does I check Google Analytics.  They collect standard internet information and details of behaviour patterns, so I can find out stuff like which bits of the site you like and stuff.  The information is processed in such a way that users remain anonymous and doesn’t allow me to identify you.  So go ahead and just read all the posts about burgers, I won’t judge.  I don’t make or allow Google to make any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting Full to the Brum because if I did I’m pretty sure I would find out my mum never actually reads the stuff I post. And I don’t need that sadness in my life.

Under GDPR you can ask me what data I hold about you, request amendments, or ask for that data to be deleted.  Let me save you some trouble, I don’t want your data, I have enough of my own.  If you really, really want me to spend an evening googling how to find out what data I’ve somehow ended up with then drop me an email on hello[@] and I will do my very best to find out.  But the likely answer is none, at least it will be if I can help it.

Basically GDPR overlords, I don’t want any personal data from other people, I struggle enough to look after myself, don’t leave me in charge of other people’s things – unless they’re dogs. Please don’t fine me, I want to be able to afford actual cookies, not even the posh ones from M&S, just the supermarket own brand.