Here at Full to the Brum we are PR friendly!

What does that mean? It means I don’t think accepting free things is “selling out” and will most likely feature them in they fit within the remit of the blog (basically food and drink related, with physical locations being at least near Birmingham…and preferably accessible on public transport because I’m weird like that).  I started the blog because I like exploring new food and drink in the city and whilst most of the time I pay for things myself; if I am gifted anything I’ll always mention it in a disclosure at the bottom of the page, because it really narks me when other bloggers don’t.  Please note though, just because I have a weird sense of obligation about writing blogposts for things I get free, this doesn’t mean I’ll feel the need to say nice things because of it…I still intend to be honest and express my opinion.

The jury is still out on sponsored posts, but if you’ve got one drop me an email and lets chat about it.  Should there ever be any sponsored posts on here, they’ll be marked as such.

If you have something you think I should feature on the blog then do let me know by emailing me on, tweeting @FulltotheBrum or messaging me on Facebook.

Please note, if I don’t think something is suitable I might suggest it would fit better on a different blog or politely decline. But if it’s vaguely food or drink related and/or somewhere in/near Birmingham, chances are I’ll be at least curious.

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    As a former journalist who covered travel, there was no way to have a travel section without PR help. PRs don’t expect big media to give glowing reviews because something is free so your approach makes sense. And it’s good to state your editorial stance. Whether readers believe you are being honest or not, though, will build up over time and seeing your critiques. No one wants to read a pile of fluff.

    January 4, 2015 at 10:09 am
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