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    I was on the telly!

    Hey look, I was on the news! And no, it wasn’t because I was being arrested for something.

    I’ll admit, being in front of a camera and public speaking are two things I’m really not keen on, so I can only blame the amount of caffeine I’d had that morning for saying yes.  Because it was totally one of those days I decided not to wash my hair or put make up on, so queue me running around at lunchtime to look half-way human – and yet still I managed to pull a series of funny faces. Standard.

    But seriously, the BBC is a respected institution worldwide and I was honoured to be asked to be on the local news edition talking about The Wilderness’ new reservations policy – more interesting than it sounds, I promise! I was even more proud that my mum and her husband were impressed, and my mum spent the evening forwarding me congratulatory texts from her friends. Because being on the telly is kinda terrifying but ace, but knowing your mum is super proud is totally the best thing about it.

    Thankfully you can no longer watch me on the telly, so I will attempt to summarise some of what I said on the telly and add a bit more context.  The Wilderness has been very vocal about the amount of no-shows they’ve had at their restaurant and the impact it has on their business, so implementing a 30 – 40% deposit to secure a reservation seems entirely reasonable.  It’s an investment in a special night out and it’s not like somewhere like there can count of walk in, in the way mass mid-price chain restaurants might.  It’s not like deposits or paying up front is a new concept; Christmas parties and Valentine’s day are just two examples, not to mention that you generally pay for theatre, gig and cinema tickets up front.

    Personally, I would rather invest in a special night out and be guaranteed a table that faff about. Things like no reservations policies, paying up front and larger deposits are all a result of a small amount of people who aim to go out for dinner but have lost all sense of common courtesy and forget to cancel reservations they don’t need. Don’t be that person; cancel a booking you can’t make with as much notice as you can, restaurants are run by humans and the good ones will try and help you out if there’s a good reason you can’t make it. We all want the city’s dining experience to be a good one, so try and be one of the good ones.

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    Guest post for Virgin Trains


    I’m a bit please about this; recently Virgin Trains got in contact and asked me if I fancied writing something to lure people to the fine city of Birmingham, and of course I was more than happy to do so.  After much debate (and excuses to go and make absolute sure how much I liked some of the places), I wrote a bit of an opus about some of the places I’d check out, food and drinks wise, if I were travelling to Birmingham.  Of course there are loads more places I missed off the list, but I’m really pleased with how this turned out.  If you want to have a read of it, here’s the link to it;

    Virgin Trains: An insider’s foodie guide to Birmingham

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    Festive Drinks in Area Guide

    area_guideSo, national Christmas adverts are flooding our TVs and timelines, and Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market (and Craft Market) has firmly entrenched itself into the city centre…so we’re clearly allowed to start talking festivities!  The folks at Area Guide let me waffle on about some delicious cocktails (and a beer) which are full of tradition and plenty warming for the autumn and winter months.   To read the article in full, head over to the online version of their November / December issue of Area Guide.


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    Halloween drinks in Area Guide


    The nice people at Area Guide have only gone and let me write another article for them – this time on cocktails and related events you’ll find around the city this Halloween / Dia de los Muertos / Bonfire Night.

    I won’t spoil it by saying too much more but there’s loads of great cocktails out there for the ghoulish festival season.  Venues like Island Bar, The Price of Wales in Moseley, Lost & Found, MPW at the top of The Cube, Peel & Stone and The Victoria all feature, as well as some celebrations and ideas for any parties you might be having at home.

    To read this month’s Area Guide, which also features a preview of Eye Candy festival and the Longbridge Light Festival, click here.