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One of the questions I get asked a lot is a variation on how many places in the city I’ve been to and how many I’ve reviewed.  It’s a really tricky answer, because there’s lots of places I went to before I started this blog, places I’ve been since the blog has existed but I’ve not reviewed, and events / pop-ups that I’ve reviewed but they’re not returnable places so in my head they don’t count.

And because I get asked this question a lot, I figured I’d compile some lists, so next time I can quickly check or tell the person asking the answer is on the blog – and because I’m doing some top level procrastinating.  There’s a general list of all the places I’ve reviewed on the blog that you could go visit (or not if they’re closed, but don’t worry, I’ve marked that), and one for afternoon tea, because I get asked that a lot.  I also get asked a lot where people should take someone on a first date, which is somewhat laughable given how terminally single I am, but that usually involves me asking a bunch of questions like are you thinking drinks, or dinner, how much do you want to spend, do you want to go somewhere cool to show off or quiet you can talk etc etc.  One day, I might do a flow chart to figure that out.

A list of the places in Birmingham I’ve reviewed

A list of afternoon tea in Birmingham, that I’ve reviewed

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