Shortlisted for BFDHA 2016


I’ve been shortlisted under the Food & Drink Blogger category at the Birmingham Food, Drink and Hospitality Awards!

I was entirely surprised because I hadn’t realised I’d been nominated, but there’s always the warm fuzzy feelings when people recognise the blood, sweat and tears time and effort I’ve put into the blog.  I love all the interaction and generally nerding over food, but a side effect of the whole sarcastic irreverence is that I’m entirely incapable of knowing what to do with people being nice to me.  I know, I know, someone call the therapist.  But seriously, something that started because  I wanted to write about my food and drink adventures in the city has led me to some weird and wonderful adventures – and they say no one cares about what you had for dinner!

Public voting is open until the 8th May and I would very much appreciate your vote – just head over to the BFDHA website and vote for me!


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