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Pie at The Botanist Birmingham

botanist_pieOkay so I don’t really pay much attention to whatever national food stuff week it is because frankly it would be exhausting.  But there are a few exceptions.  And when National Pie Week rolls round and one of the Pierateers asks if I want to go and eat pie the answer is pretty obvious.  I mean pie, it’s pretty great isn’t it?

I headed off to The Botanist on Temple Street with Rob from the brilliantly named pie review blog Pierate – yes there’s plenty of pies, puns and pirate related shenanigans.  The Pierateers take their pie rating pretty seriously, rating pie on everything from colour to content.  Rob had a ‘Pierateer in Training‘ pack for me and as much fun as we had chatting all things pie food and blog related, I think it’s safe to say I would probably make me a pretty rubbish Pierateer!

That said, we both tried the Botanist’s chicken and chorizo pie, which came with gravy and a choice of either chips or mash.  The gravy was a bit of an odd choice, as the pie had a white sauce and they didn’t seem to go – and the pie didn’t really need it either.  It was a good all round pie, I thought, the meat in my pie had been cut into bite-sized pieces, although I think some bigger chunks would’ve been preferable, and I liked the pastry to filling ratio which doesn’t always happen.

I’m keeping my final score to myself, because a girl’s gotta have some secrets (actually I’m just pretty indecisive at scoring anything, which is why I don’t do ratings on the blog).  But it was a lot of fun pretending to be a Pierateer for a lunchtime.  And thank you to The Botanist for helping us to celebrate National Pie Week!

Disclosure: I totally wasn’t expecting it, but the Botanist gave us complimentary meals in celebration of National Pie Week, although I figure that was more to do with my dining companion being a Pierateer and it pretty much being like their version of Christmas.

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