Happy Easter!

Hot_cross_buns_basket_bunnyOkay, so I know that for most people the best thing, food wise, about Easter is chocolate but for me it’s hot cross buns – and more importantly that I get 40 days in which they’re entirely acceptable to eat them (unlike just a weekend of chocolate eggs).  I was going to do a post pitting buns from two of the city’s finest independent bakeries, but after much thought and many hot cross buns eaten, I’ve realised they both great.  So there you have it, thanks to the utterly wonderful Loaf in Stirchley and Peel & Stone in the Jewellery Quarter for consistently excellent hot cross buns.

I’ve got six five hot cross buns left I picked up from Loaf this morning and I doubt they’ll last long, so whilst I’ll await their return next year, I just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Easter – here’s to bank holidays, excellent baked goods, a thriving food & drink scene and hopefully lots more exciting things to come!


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