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Mincemeat, Pear and Honey Tart

pear and mincemeat tart

If the local press are to be believed there was supposed to be a dusting of snow this morning, although sadly I didn’t see any.  Any which way, I thought it was a good excuse to show off this mincemeat, pear and honey tart, because the icing sugar dust is probably as close as I’ll get to snow today.

The recipe is actually Brian Turner’s Mincemeat, Pear & Honey Tart, although I made a few modifications.  Firstly, due to the lack of sensible sized baking tray and not being very good at cutting things out (I blame being left handed but really I’m just not very good at making pretty things), I made mine rectangular instead of circular.  I also didn’t bother with the egg and egg yolk wash on the borders and just went for the one egg, which I don’t think made much difference, personally.

I really liked this recipe for a couple of reasons; firstly it was really tasty and secondly it meant I could use up mincemeat.  And by use up I mean find a legitimate way of eating mincemeat post-Christmas because the supplies of mince pies seem to dry up and this is a winter recipe…look I even added wintery decorations to make it so!  Although I’m also thinking it could be time to break out Wizzard to Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day by having a go at making individual versions because I think it would be fun and then I won’t feel so bad if I eat a couple, rather than half the tart.

You can find the recipe over on the Stoves website, and for once I’ve not modified it enough to warrant re-posting my version here.  Happy New Year mincemeat eating folks!

Disclosure: Stoves gave me a supermarket voucher to buy my ingredients to recreate this recipe, but I wasn’t obliged to say anything nice. I may have bought a couple of jars of mincemeat ‘just in case’.

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