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The Studio winter 2016 menu


I love an excuse to visit The Studio on Cannon St for events, and the quarterly tasting for their new seasonal menu has to be the best reason yet.  A couple of weeks ago it was time for their winter menu to get put before the hungry eyes and tummies of a select group of people…actually I have no idea who most of the other people who attend this are, I’m too busy ooh-ing at six days worth of hearty lunches and puddings.

As you’d expect with a winter themed menu, the dishes are warming and comforting.  Pastry is a big thing, which is something I wholeheartedly agree with.  That said the sausage wellington, or “posh sausage roll” as I called it was lovely, but I just couldn’t quite understand how it fit as a main meal.  Which is a shame because it was really nice! It’s going to be interesting to see if it makes the final cut, as not everything does, or whether it ends up appearing somewhere else.  I’m guessing The Studio probably do snack menus if you ask, but their standard day delegate rate package includes a proper hot dinner and pudding (and little snacks with morning and afternoon refreshments).

One of the days had paired Chicken Marengo with roast potatoes and a Bubble & Squeak with leek and cheddar for the vegetarian option.  The bright colours were a welcomed sight when winter food tends to be focused on heavy, hearty foods. and the lack of sunshine means seasonal food isn’t always the most colourful.  The chicken marengo full of flavour, almost fruity and the chicken was nice and moist.  Sadly I didn’t manage to try any of the Bubble & Squeak as it had gone before I managed to get back…so I took that as a good sign!


We’ve used The Studio at work a bunch of times and once, after a great first day, I looked at the feedback to discover it was all about the food.  Seriously, it felt like there was more about the food than anything else on the day – and the puddings in particular seemed to be a real hit.  This time round, dessert continued the usual mousses and cheesecakes in little glass dishes.  These are a great size, just enough to boost you up, but not enough to lull you into a sugar-coma for the rest of the afternoon.  One of my favourites was the Star Bar Chocolate Cheesecake, which is odd because I’m not normally one for chocolate desserts.  But it was just the right portion size with a sweetness that felt like a treat but wasn’t overkill.

Sticky Toffee Pudding is one of my favourite puddings and it’s become a tradition amongst my family that I make one a boozy version for Christmas pudding.  So when I spotted the sticky date pudding with burnt caramel I was pretty excited.  These aren’t sticky toffee, but they’re not far off and with a nice crunchy crust they’d be nicely accompanied with a cup of tea, ready to set you up for another afternoon of events!

Disclosure:The Studio invited me down to the menu tasting as we book the venue in my day-job for events. They didn’t require me to write anything about it, but given that all our feedback is about the food, I figured I might as well.

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  • Reply Ashley

    Um, WOW does this all look delicious! Perfect winter comfort foods!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

    January 28, 2016 at 3:54 pm
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