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Holy Cow curry sauces


I’d like to tell you that I always cook everything from scratch, but that would be a blatant lie. In fact, after a busy day at work, my tea this evening was a portion of frozen curry microwaved with some rice – leftovers of the mangalore malabar from Holy Cow.

The team at Holy Cow had sent me a selection of their curry sauces; mangalore malabar, Delhi tikka masala, rogan josh, and Goan prawn curry.  The first thing I noticed was that the packets were servings for two people, rather than jars of sauce which feed four people.  As someone who doesn’t have a family to feed, a small freezer compartment and a low attention span for eating the same thing for days, two portions is pretty perfect – one to eat and one to freeze for later.


Holy Cow call their sauces “home-cooked” style recipes, developed in a home kitchen by a genuine Indian mum, using natural ingredients; no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives; gluten free; and suitable for vegetarians  and coeliacs.  Which is quite a lot of dietary requirements all covered in one packet of curry sauce.  The label warns that due to using natural ingredients, there is the potential of some separation of ingredients, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Personally I didn’t notice this, but what I did notice was how thick the sauce was as I squeezed it from the packet.  The cooking instructions require it to be thinned down with 50ml of water which meant a nice texture to the sauce rather than the sometimes liquid stuff from jars.

The packets also give advice on what to cook them with; the front of the packet givens a perfect serve suggestions, but in the interests of fairness (and not just laze, honestly) I tried them with chicken.  So far, I’ve tried the mangalore malabar, Delhi tikka masala and rogan josh sauces, all of which have distinct, full flavours.  I hate it when variations of a sauce all effectively taste the same so it was nice that each one had its own flavours – although the two chilli rating did have a bit more of a kick to it than I expected…but in a good way.



Overall I was impressed with the Holy Cow sauces I tried (the Goan prawn curry is still to be used, mainly because defrosting and reheating prawns sorta scares me).  They’re easy to use, flavoursome and well portioned – and not much more effort than ordering a take away.

Disclosure: Holy Cow sent me a complimentary set of their curry sauces, but did not require me to be nice about them. I’ve also realised I can’t take photos of curry, so sorry about that.

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