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Adam’s and Brum Breakfast Club breakfast


I’m really not one for getting up early on a Saturday if I can help it, but when the Brum Breakfast Club announced a collaboration with the Michelin-starred Birmingham city centre restaurant Adam’s I knew I had to be there – possibly in my PJs, if it came to it.  Reminding my sleepy self to head to the restaurant and not to work, I trundled off to Bennetts Hill to find out what chef Adam and Brum Breakfast Club organiser Simon had in store for us; the menu had been a closely guarded secret and there’d be suggestions of everything from a Full English to a bowl of cornflakes (I’d have been plumping for breakfast cocktails but even I thought it was a bit early).

I’ve eaten at Adam’s once before (and once as a temporary location for something else) for a joint birthday celebration between my mum and her husband and I’m pretty sure I only got away with booking it because Adam’s were awarded the Michelin star right before we went.  The food was amazing and it was a fantastic experience, one I’d been wanted to return to but hadn’t yet managed to come up with a justifiable excuse.


Service at Adam’s is always excellent and as soon as we were seated, staff appeared to offer us juices and hot drinks.  Still half awake I opted for a black coffee which was nice and strong, a perfect wake-me-up and apple juice.

After a short time the homemade sourdough toast with Lincolnshire poacher butter was taken to the table.  I am at heart a simple soul and I bloody love toast.  Even after much faffing to take a photo of the toast it still had a nice crisp crust yet chewy bread and the butter was delicious, even more so because I never usually have butter on my toast.  To be honest, at this point I was already sold on this being one of the finest breakfasts I’d had.

And no sooner had I finished faffing around taking photos of toast, the main attraction arrived; a proper full English breakfast…with haggis, which maybe makes it more of a full Great British breakfast (if Wales were involved somewhere).

adams_brumbreakfastclub_full_englishTrue to Simon’s strict rules, the beans arrived separately but I threw caution to the wind and dumped a pile on my plate – the usual rules of not letting them ‘infect’ the other food was thrown out the door.

And good lord this was an amazing breakfast.  Those squares of black pudding were the sort of gateway that you wished you could hand out to people who claimed they didn’t like black pudding – light and with a hint of sweetness, they didn’t have the paste-like rubbery quality that some black pudding has and were almost like a savoury brownie.  The poached duck eggs were cooked to perfection and put cutting a little hole in the top you could savour the yolk dipped with toast…although sad as it was I couldn’t finish both of them – and trust me, I tried.

I could keep waffling on about this breakfast but it really was the bees knees.  There’s not a lot that I will willing get up early on a Saturday morning and I didn’t begrudge this for making me, not one bit.

Simon, aka Brum Breakfast Club, is threatening to do more of these one-off breakfasts at unexpected places.  Follow him on Twitter (@BrumBrekkieClub) and check out his website too for more info on where’s good to get breakfast in the city –

Disclosure: I paid for this experience and I would do again. In fact I tried to get Simon to take the money from me beforehand so I definitely, absolutely had a space.

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