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UK Burger Battle June 2015

When the two contenders for the fourth round of the UK Burger Battle were announced I knew it was going to be a hard one to call.  Don’t get me wrong, all the other battles I’ve attended have been fun and the burgers have been good.  But this one was always going to be a whole other level; home grown contenders Original Patty Men won the British Street Food Awards Best Burger 2014, and Grillstock are home to an enviably, annual BBQ festival.  It didn’t even need to be a case of city against city, the well deserved reputation of these burger maestros created enough of a competition without it.grillstock_burger_battle

First off I headed to the Grillstock stall to try their ‘Smoke Stack’ burger made with 18hr pulled pork, 5oz gravity dropped burger, melted cheese, Grillstock pickles and  fry sauce on a brioche bun.  I’ve no idea what a gravity dropped burger entails, but just like my trip to Bristol to check out Grillstock, this was one hell of a burger.  Usually I’m a bit of a purist and I don’t like a load of additions to my burger to distract me from the patty, but this managed to give each component its own flavour but each complement the others too.  It also stayed together whilst I was eating it, rather than fall apart, creating a burger which was going to be an incredibly hard one to beat.


Next, Original Patty Men’s offering ‘Tony Sopranos Wet Dream’ – 5 week aged beef patty, garlic mushrooms, smoked mozzarella sauce, alabama sauce, peppered salami crisps, sweet OPM BBQ sauce and pork scratching crumbs.  I remember the first time I tried an OPM burger in December 2012 and ever since, along with Meatshack, they’ve been a barometer of burger to beat.  Whilst I was impressed with the Grillstock burger’s structural integrity, there’s something so joyful about the gluttonous mess of eating an OPM burger – it’s not pretty, but I really don’t care.

Making my decision on which burger I thought was the winner of the evening was incredibly difficult.  I’d expected it to be a hard choice on past experiences of both Original Patty Men and Grillstock’s burgers…but I agonised over this for a while.  Of all the burgers I’ve ever eaten I do think these were two of the best.  I’m keeping my vote a secret, but in the end the judges and the people both chose Original Patty Men as the winners of the fourth UK Burger Battle.

UK Burger Battle round #5…

I heard some rumours about the line up for the next UK Burger Battle and it’s sounding like another incredibly strong battle.  A date hasn’t yet been announced, but it’s likely to be August time – keep an eye on @UKBurgerBattle for more details.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary ticket to the burger battle. I wasn’t obliged to write anything positive and no, I won’t tell you who I voted for.

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