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Simla take away, Hall Green

You know how it goes, you’ve planned to spend Saturday night round at a friend’s, eating take out and playing Cards Against Humanity, but then the host is sick and you’re stuck with no plans and a craving for curry?  Yep, that happened to me fairly recently.  I tried looking round the supermarket for a viable alternative, but in the end I fired up the hungry house app and ordered some curry for myself.

Hungry House have announced their top 500 take aways for 2015 based on popularity, positive ratings, ability to deliver food to hungry customers without fail, and high Food Hygiene Rating scores.  Out of over 10,000 restaurants there’s quite a few top takeaways in Birmingham and one of them, an Indian in Hall Green, Simla, won sixth place in the league.simla order

Using the hungry house app I ordered and food arrived well within the time they said it was…which is a big bonus for me.  That said, I may have gotten a little overenthusiastic with my ordering, considering it was just for me; seekh kebab as a starter plus tandoori murgh masala for main, along with Simla special rice, saag paneer and a plain naan.  It was already too much food for one person, but the generous portions (particularly with the rice) meant that I was able to have a pretty indulgent Saturday night dinner and then leftovers for Sunday night too.

You know those people that have a usual when they go for curry?  I’m not one of those people, but if I were something like a tandoori murgh masala would probably be fairly high on the list.  It’s a fairly traditional dish from the Punjab region, or so I’m told.  It was lovely, with chicken that had a great flavour and a sauce which wasn’t too watery and had a nice balance of richness and tomato.  I’m not entirely sure what the hard boiled egg was about but it was pretty nice.  I really liked the rice too, even thought I wasn’t overly sure what I was ordering.  It had a lovely flavour to it and the peas allowed me to pretend I was eating something vaguely healthy…because green things are good for you, right?  There was also enough rice to have two plentiful portions which, given the price of £2.50 is a very good deal.

curry_from_simla 2

I had the saag paneer the next day, heated up in the microwave and was impressed that the cheese was still light with a good texture.  I accompanied this with the other half of the rice as there was an awful lot of it – making sure to cook it thoroughly, and it too kept its flavour and fluffiness.  I’m always impressed when a dish can survive a second sitting, as so often they look so unappetising the next day, but Simla managed to retain the flavour and texture of the dishes.

I was so impressed that a couple of weeks later I reodered from Simla, this time going for chicken gurka masala, along with the Simla special rice, naan and saag paneer (again, for the next day).  This too was of excellent standard – I can see why people keep going back!

Disclosure: Hungry House gave me a voucher to order some food from Simla and write a blog post about my honest thoughts of the experience. Don’t judge me for my over-ordering, it was all in the name of science…and by that I mean this review.

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