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Temper burger at the Lord Clifden


Burgers are great aren’t they?  They’re so simple but done right they are delicious.  But some times, I’m convinced if I don’t keep an eye on myself I’d just order burgers every time.  So a few weeks ago when I was at the Lord Clifden in the Jewellery Quarter for my lovely friend Molly’s birthday, I decided to try something different; the veggie burger.

Frankly, if it had been one of those miserable mash of miscellaneous vegetables I wouldn’t have bothered, but the promise of halloumi with cajun seasoning, rocket and red peppers was enough to make me curious.  And it didn’t disappoint.  A nice big chunk of halloumi which tasted fresh and salty which was nicely balanced with the generous slices of sweet red pepper and rocket on what tasted like a brioche bun.  I didn’t get much from the cajun seasoning, but this wasn’t a great loss as the burger itself was pretty spot on.

I stuck to soft drinks as it was a school night for me, but my the drinks range at the Lord Clifden is pretty good (they even had Hooch if you’re feeling nostalgic).  The food menu was varied and their Sunday roasts are famous within the city, so it’s well worth visiting.

Disclosure: I paid for my burger with my own money and wasn’t obliged to write anything at all but that would make running a food blog kinda tricky.

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