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Liquid Chef joins Bar Opus

Bar Opus Carl Hawkins and Sam Cross pic 2Whoa, this is exciting news for a Monday Tuesday evening…Carl Hawkins, Gin-tleman, Liquid Chef and all round cocktail king has been appointed at Bar Opus’ new general manager.

Carl previously ran the gin lovers’ paradise The Jekyll & Hyde pub, which, as well as being well loved in the city, was a national finalist for “Best Spirit Pub” in 2013 and “Best Cocktail Menu” by Class Magazine in 2011.  Along with Julian Rose-Gibbs, he also was one of the founders of the Birmingham Association of Bartenders and has been committed to cultivating the next generation of bartenders for over a decade.

Bar Opus is located in One Snowhill, in the heart of Birmingham’s business district.  As part of the Opus family it uses the freshest produce from a range of British and sustainable suppliers, and also engages with British spirit suppliers to create its inspiring cocktails. I’ve been down to Bar Opus a few times and always enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what fantastic additions Carl makes to the place.

Speaking about his new role, Carl said: “I am excited to become a part of, what I consider, a legacy project. I believe that Bar Opus will become a Birmingham institution and will be here for many years to come. We will be bringing a contemporary technique to cocktail making that will keep customers coming back. Bar Opus will exceed expectations of what a cocktail bar in Birmingham should be and we will redefine  the cocktail and dining experience.”

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