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Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice

Pomegranates immediate conjure up two ideas to me: grenade, that bright red, sugary syrup which is both tart and sweet and found in many disco-style cocktails; and the Greek myth of poor Persephone and her kidnapping to the underworld. I both like grenadine in my drinks and I enjoy a good tale, so when Pom Wonderful were offering up a free bottle of their pomegranate juice I thought what the heck and said yes.

Pomegranates look like lovely little red jewels but they’re a pain to pluck out of the fruit so ready-prepared seeds or juice seems like the easiest way to taste them.  Pom Wonderful is 100% pomegranate juice made from concentrate and contains no preservatives or colourants, which is pretty impressive when you see the deep, rich red colour of the drink. It’s a good source of potassium and is a gluten-free fruit (although to be honest I didn’t know fruit wasn’t gluten-free), and is generally pretty tasty.  It’s a bit pricier than your usual morning fruit juice (but then pomegranates are a pain to pluck so I can kinda see why) but I did enjoy its rich slightly tart taste.

Pom-berry Fizz

IMG_1713.PNGI decided to try and come up with a non-alcoholic cocktail. I’m pretty rubbish with names, but I’ve been calling this the Pom-berry Fizz.  Taking the sweet and tartness from the pomegranates I decided to add some other dark fruit, namely blueberries, tart it up with some lime juice and lengthen with the pomegranate juice and lemonade for a rich but refreshing drink.

Take six blueberries and muddle/squish them in a glass with a teaspoon of lime juice (fresh is best, but bottled is fine). Top up the glass two thirds full with pomegranate juice. At this point if you don’t want bits in your drink you should fine-strain the skins of the blueberries, but I just left mine in (in hind-sight I should’ve fine strained). Then top up with lemonade and drink!

Disclosure: I was given a bottle of Pom Wonderful as part of a BzzAgent campaign.  I wasn’t required to write anything nice, nor was I required to come up with some non-alcoholic cocktails with it – I was just procrastinating and seemed like a good idea.  Also, the story of Persephone is pretty awesome, you should check it out.

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