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Gourmet Burger Kitchen Mailbox refurb


Having visited the Mailbox on a regular basis, it feels like the building work is never ending.  But thankfully it’s starting to take shape with some new venues opening, but it’s not just the new cinema and bars that are adding to the new look – Gourmet Burger Kitchen Mailbox has had a £350,000 interior and exterior makeover.

GBK_elderflower_fizzI went down to the ‘grill warming’ with some friends to check out the new look.  I wasn’t a fan of the old look; brightly lit and expansive, it felt a bit like a school canteen.  The new look has lowered the lighting, with darker wood, scrabble tile signage and interesting lighting, plus a range of different sections and types of seating which breaks up the space and feels much more comfortable.

Jo-ann and John went for the classic milkshakes, which I hear are a popular thing at Gourmet Burger Kitchen Mailbox and definitely were that night, given by how many people were ordering them!  Both agreed the Oreo Milkshake is their favourite, although Jo-ann also had the salted caramel milkshake which was also tasty.  Careful not to upset my lactose intolerance too much I went for the Elderflower Fizz, which was lovely and refreshing, perfumed and a nice hint of mint from the garnish.


Being a bit of a burger fan, I’ve always preferred the more classic ones which let you taste the flavours of the meat, so I went for a cheese and bacon burger with smoked applewood crispy bacon, BBQ sauce, mayo, pickle and salad.  To be honest I didn’t notice a massive hit of BBQ sauce, although with a cheese and bacon burger I want these to be the predominant flavours and they were.  The meat patty wasn’t too thick so remained nice and juicy and overall was very pleasant.  Jo-ann said her Cajun chicken burger wasn’t dry and was nicely spicy.  John had the Salvador burger which has a Pork & Chorizo patty and seemed to enjoy it.


Having been on many jaunts to London for burgers, I’ve had many portions of rosemary fries as they seem to be the in thing.  However GBK’s rosemary fries were a bit of a disappointment, despite the plentiful portion.  I’m not really a fan of string fries, I find them a bit dull and sadly the rosemary wasn’t enough to lift them, even with a few dusts of the saltshaker provided. John ordered the sweet potato fries and although the portion size is notably different they looked a better choice.  Jo-ann’s onion rings were nice and crispy, without being greasy and another good side.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Mailbox’s refurb has brought a new lease of life to the restaurant, which has been a stalwart amongst quite a few changes in the development.  Whilst the sides were variable, the burgers are definitely the star of the show and are a decent offering.  A positive experience, one I’d be willing to repeat – particularly if the rosemary fries are improved.

Disclosure: I was invited to Gourmet Burger Kitchen Mailbox for complimentary dinner for me and my guests, free of charge.  I wasn’t obliged to write anything and I definitely wasn’t required to say anything nice unless I meant it.  Frankly if you read this blog you’ll understand my near devotion to burgers and know that I wouldn’t say anything nice about them unless I meant it anyway because it would be tantamount to sacrilege.

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  • Reply Will

    Every time I’ve been to GBK the beef has been cooked well done and was rubbery and flavourless.

    Its not gourmet unless its cooked medium rare! How was yours cooked?

    March 24, 2015 at 8:39 am
    • Reply Laura

      To be honest some of my previous experiences echo yours but it looked like they’d changed the patty so it wasn’t just a big slab of meat but retained some juice. It was enough to make we want to return and try the burgers again.

      I’m wary of burgers cooked medium-rare. There’s a lot written about burgers and whether should be cooked through, can it still be pink, optimum temperature, bacteria and the like. But my understanding is that whilst it’s possible for them to be pink in the middle and still cooked properly, and generally I’m fine with pink meat and medium-rare, it’s probably best to err on the side of having them cooked medium if unsure. Mainly because I’m not sure I could cope with being made ill from a burger!

      March 25, 2015 at 1:42 pm
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    April 5, 2015 at 11:25 pm
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