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Birmingham in 100 Meals

My two favourite things about Birmingham, the people and the food, are being brought together in an exciting project which aims to get us Brummies chatting.

Birmingham in 100 Meals is a project between Kate Cooper of the New Optimists and Tom French of Community on Board which is aiming to bring together residents of different parts of the city over a nice home-cooked meal. Or in their words; “Well, we think there is an opportunity for people from all across Birmingham to come together and learn more about others that share the same city. In a big place, it’s not always easy to find out about those that live on the ‘other side of town’ or have a different background to our own. What we all have in common, though, is food. And we think having a meal together is a good place to start making new friendships that bring our city – our home – together.”

It’s basically a chance to have someone pay for your dinner and have a good natter with someone you might not have had the chance to meet before, but someone who shares the same city as you. Which sounds pretty cool to me.

The Birmingham in 100 Meals team are looking for people to get involved by either hosting a meal, attending one at someone’s home or just shouting about the project. Attendees will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire and the team will put together a map to show how the city has connected. There’s more info about how it’ll work (they’ve been careful to consider safety and travel arrangements) here as well as contact details for Tom if you’re interested in getting involved.

Birmingham in 100 Meals sounds like a really exciting project and I’ve put my name down, hopefully some others will do too!

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