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UK Burger Battle – round one

You know those events that are going to be so good you’re willing to spend several hours stood out in the cold? Well back in December the inaugural UK Burger Battle was one of those.

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 23.46.41The event was held at Spotlight in Digbeth, which is well known for its links to street food, as it also doubles up as the location for the Digbeth Dining Club. Having agreed to work on the door with a fellow blogger, Emma and I dutifully checked in and gave wristbands to everyone who entered the battle. It was a lot of fun, largely because we got to share in everyone’s excitement but also because we got to hear people’s opinions. Oh, and in between checking people in we got to go snag ourselves some burgers too!

The UK Burger Battle round one was between The Beefy Boys, who had won UK Best Burger at Grillstock, and local outfit the Flying Cows. Beefy Boys burger was ‘the Butty Back’ a 21 day dry-aged Hereford beef patty with slow-cooked pulled beef brisket, Butty Bach BBQ sauce, two types of cheese, lettuce, onions and ‘slaw on a brioche bun. The Flying Cows kept things a bit simpler with grass-fed Dexter steak patty from their farm, two types of cheese, smoked maple bacon, onions, lettuce and sauce in a Peel & Stone brioche bun.

Both burgers were great and choosing between the two was difficult – clearly others felt the same as the public vote was really close (Emma and I counted the votes several times over). In the end though for me the winning burger was the Flying Cows; their burger was simpler and worked as a whole entity. The Beefy Boys burger was great but there was a lot going on – had it been just the burger or the brisket then I would probably have chosen it, but but as a combination it just didn’t quite fit together for me.

It was great fun being involved in the first UK Burger Battle; there was a great buzz, with plenty of people sticking around enjoying the tricks from the magician, music from the DJ, plus the announcement of the winners of the battle – and a burger eating competition.

The next burger battle will be a Valentine’s Day special on Sunday 15th February from 4pm at Spotlight.  Tickets are on sale here.

Disclosure: I worked on the door in exchange for tasty tasty burgers, which I offered to do because I like burgers far too much.  However I wasn’t required to blog about the event or say anything nice and I wouldn’t lie about burgers because they’re just too important to me.  Also, I know this was a while ago but I’ve got a backlog of posts and a small semblance of a life to fit in too.

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