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Meatshack pop up

IMG_1190.JPGTalking about Christmas things feels massively belated and I was going to give blogging about this a miss. After all, everyone knows how awesome MeatShack burgers are. But given I hijacked my annual friends’ Christmas / New Year get together and tried duck hearts for the first time, it was worth writing down for prosperity.

Having seen The MeatShack were going a pop up at Carters of Moseley on one of two days my friends and I had pencilled in for our catch up I figured I’d risk it and book us in. Three of us are already confirmed MeatShack fans and I figured the best Christmas present I could give the rest of them was opportunity to experience the dripping filthy goodness.

In the end there were seven of us and we arrived at Carters to witness almost military precision in getting tables turned round.  I’d sent round the menu when I found it so most of us knew what we were ordering, but I’d failed to notice the duck hearts in spicy sauce and was eager to try. Thankfully Will was equally curious and between us we managed to convince a few others to give them a whirl.  In my mind I’ve never really been a fan of animal organs as food; it’s not a gross-factor to me, it’s just I’ve found the texture and taste a bit odd. However these were delicious. The duck hearts had a nice chewiness to them, like meaty mushrooms, and the sauce was spicy but less on the heat side of things and more Thai influenced, which allowed the flavour of the hearts to come through. Big fan.

And of course the MeatShack burgers were as good as always – delicious meat, seasoned well and a bun which held things together. The shoestring fries, which usually disappoint me if I see them on the menu, were actually a nice accompaniment – salty and crispy which complemented the big slab of burger perfectly.IMG_1197.JPG

With bacon ice cream for pudding you can bet I was going to give this a try. I’ve had bacon cupcakes before so I know the salty bacon and sweetness works well, as did it this time. The shard of nutty caramel I was less keen on, only because it was pretty tricky to eat. I suspect small pieces or as a topping would’ve allowed me to enjoy it more.

All in all a rousing success. We finished just about in our allotted time, with everyone full of praises for MeatShack.  And with that it was off to the pub.

Disclosure: Christmas is the month of giving and receiving so we gave the nice people at Carters/Meatshack money and they gave us burgers. We each paid for our own meals; wasn’t obliged to say anything nice and all opinions are my own blah blah. Although I did swap presents with one of my friends and got some awesome dinosaur earrings, but that was nothing to do with dinner.

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  • Reply John Kirriemuir

    When you say…

    “I’ve never really been a fan of animal organs as food”

    …do you mean just internal, or also external, ones? If you head west of the Mississippi, try Rocky Mountain oysters – they’re surprisingly good (tip: not seafood). Inevitably, at state fairs they’re usually served on a stick.

    There’s also plenty, and I mean plenty, of accompanying dishes there that, like your ice cream, are bacon-centric. ‘murica.

    January 19, 2015 at 2:43 pm
    • Reply Laura

      More the internal ones really. My mum has tried to convince me liver is tasty but I just don’t get it. Might be worth trying again after the duck hearts though! Also, can’t go wrong with bacon-centric food. Yum!

      January 19, 2015 at 2:50 pm

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