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Review: Revolution Birmingham’s new food menu

Broad St wouldn’t be my first thought for a food destination in the city.  With its heavy concentration of pubs and bars, I can see why a lot of people head to it at weekends to drink and dance the night away, so when I was invited to Revolution Birmingham to check out their new food menu I was curious.

photo 1 (1)The new menu has been developed by executive chef, Mark Rush and his team, and has an Americana inspiration, which is evident when you look at the menu – there’s burgers, nachos, burritos and pizzas, diner food meets Tex-Mex.  They’ve also upped the amount of food that can be easily shared – sliders, a selection of small plates and three types of chicken sharers (fried, on the bone, and grilled).

After quizzing our waiter on the new menu, I opted for the Sliders.  My housemate, who’s American and therefore surely qualified to judge the authenticity of Tex-Mex food, went for the Chicken Burrito.  We also ordered a portion of skinny fries and on recommendation, fat chips with chorizo ketchup.

photo 2

I was a little surprised by the presentation of the sliders.  The buns looked liked they’d been cut out of larger ones, which was certainly rustic but didn’t offer a great first impression.  The meat patties looked homemade, which is a plus, and though crispier on the outside that I’ve have liked they were juicy.  One slider was topped with pulled pork, which was moist and had a lovely light sweet-BBQ taste.  The skinny fries were as all skinny fries are, perfectly adequate.  My housemate said the chicken burrito was warming, tasty and filling, although the spicy red rice was a little too much and could’ve done with some more salsa to balance it out.  We both agreed the fat chips and chorizo sauce were delicious – the sauce had a smoky tasty which would’ve gone equally well with nachos, and the chips were crunchy yet fluffy, definitely the best choice for chips on the menu.

photo 3

Although quite full, I was curious by the Chocolate & Blueberry Fluffwhich – think a sort of eggy bread sandwich stuffed with chocolate sauce and marshmallow fluff, with a blueberry sauce dip.  Our waiter cautioned us to give the blueberry sauce a try before pouring it over our fluffwich, and he was right to do so, it was tart and contrasted the creaminess of the chocolate and marshmallow, which I enjoyed but I could easily see this being off-putting for chocoholics.  Though described as a sweet batter, it didn’t weigh the dough down and had a sort of eggy bread thing going for it, which really worked.

With bars up and down the country, it’s clear Revolution have hit upon a concept which allows people move from dining to drinking with ease.  Whilst Broad St might not be a destination spot for me, Revolution would be a good place to start your night off there and line your stomach…and I might even be tempted to forgo the popcorn at the nearby cinema and pop in for a fluffwich instead.

Disclosure: My meal was provided for free by Revolution bar. I was under no obligation to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.

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