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All this dining out is all well and good, but some times I miss the call of a home cooked meal with no airs and graces. Enter Moms Home Cooking, a sort of meals-on-wheels for the student and/or professional. That’s to say they’ll deliver five days worth of home-cooked dinner for £10, which works out cheaper than a take out. Umar, the man behind Moms home Cooking, got in contact and asked if I wanted to give the delivery service a try, so of course I said yes.


I was given the vegetarian Indian option to try, as they were looking to expand their offerings. Umar duly delivered individually portioned sets of Aloo (Bombay potatoes), Rajma (red kidney beans), Gobi (spicy cabbage) and Maash Daal (yellow lentil) .  Each dish is also served with the sort of fluffy plain rice that you find in restaurants that I just cannot recreate at home, no matter how much I try.  The portions all come in their own metal take-out container, which is perfect for popping into the oven to cook when you get home from a busy day, or transfer into a dish and stick in the microwave. The week I tried them was a busy one, so I took a few to work for lunch and they traveled well.

All of the dishes felt like they were on the medium-hot scale of spiciness.  Ordinarily, I’d probably go for something a touch milder, but I enjoyed having my taste buds challenged and once I got used to it the heat was quite pleasant – probably helped by the cold spell we were having at the time.  A particular favourite was the Maash Daal, which uncooked resembled a sort of paste, but once heated and stirred through the rice to make a lovely sticky rice full of flavour. I’m not usually a fan of double carbs in my dinner (sorry chip butty fans), but even the Aloo and rice worked well, with a nice bite to the potato which prevented it being a big pile of fluffy carbs.

DSC_2389I’m not aware of anything similar to Moms Home Cooking, but it’s a great idea and seems unusual I haven’t stumbled across something similar. Moms Home Cooking offers food which is flavoursome but isn’t dripping in the over-indulgence from the local curry house; it’s the sort of food you could imagine your mum cooking (or at least if my mum was Pakistani and not the daughter of Irish immigrants). And it’s good value at £10 for five meals, each of which is different – something which would be hard to recreate at home, unless you wanted a freezer full of extra portions.

The ordering system is also pretty simple – order by Thursday and the following Monday a week’s worth of food will be delivered.

Moms Home Cooking are expanding their offerings, so as well as the Indian cuisine option there is also British and Caribbean offerings. If, like me, you tend to be busy during the week and not always in enough to justify cooking, else risk reheating the same meal for days in a row, then this is a cost-effective way to make sure that you eat something decent without resorting to microwave meals. Being versatile enough that it also works as an alternative lunch, Mom’s Home Cooking is worth ordering if you’re expecting a busy week and don’t want the indulgence of consecutive nights of take out.

<p style=”font-size: x-small;”>Disclosure: I was given a selection of dishes for free in exchange for a review.  I wasn’t obliged to give a positive review, all opinions (and photos) are my own.

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