Le Monde Birmingham

With a new seafood restaurant opening in Brindley Place fairly recently and a request by my mum to go somewhere interesting for dinner, Le Monde seemed like the perfect place.

My mum and I arrived on a Saturday night at 7.30pm and we were a bit worried as it was a little quiet, although it was a little hard to tell as the room was really rather dark.  We were greeted and, after declining to have a drink at the bar, we were quickly sat and given menus, although our waiter rapidly pointed out the iced bar full of fish and urged us to go and have a look.  Two members of staff behind the fish bar explained the variety of fish on show, explaining which ones were specials and answering any questions that we had.

IMG_4021.PNGWe were told that we could order at the counter, but given we hadn’t really been given the chance to look at Le Monde’s menu we declined.  Initially I found the idea of being corralled to the fish bar a little awkward, but it did give a good visual idea of the dishes on offer.  My mum tends not to eat very big meals, so being able to see the size of the scallop and prawn starter convinced her to share mine.  With two skewers, each with a good sized scallop and prawn, I would happily have eaten the two myself as they were delightful; the scallop in particular which was lovely and light with just a touch of sweetness.  Sadly though, I don’t remember much about the red pepper pesto accompaniment.


For mains I opted for a dish on the menu, swordfish, which I adore but don’t often see on menus.  Again, this was lovely.  Being a more meaty fish, this still retained its flavour and was well finished with a simple “knob of lime, chilli and coriander infused butter to bring out the flavour”.  My mum opted for a special, after having been enticed by the fish bar, which I believe was Halibut (I could be wrong) and she was very impressed with.  Both of us also chose chips to accompany our meals and these were utterly fantastic – rather than be an afterthought, they were just like the chips you get at the seaside; marvelous.  We also shared a side of broccoli with almonds, which were crunchy and were perfectly fine.

If there was anything to be disappointed about, it came next – we waited what felt like a very long time for my order of Chocolate Brownie which was supposed to have a second flavour, but neither I nor my mother could taste it, so it hardly seems worth mentioning.  The Brownie itself, when it arrive, was nice enough but nothing worth shouting about.

Despite the lengthy wait for dessert I was impressed with Le Monde and would willingly go back.  Expect to pay about £35 for three courses, minus drinks, which means it’s not an everyday dining experience, but would definitely be the kind of place I’d happily go for a bit of a treat.

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