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Review: So Mallow marshmallows

Forget chocolate, for me the best sweet treat is marshmallows – I love them!  So when I heard about So Mallow, a company just outside of Birmingham making their own, I couldn’t wait to try them out.  They’re a relatively new company and, whilst you’ll be seeing their face at several food markets in the future, they’re sell marshmallows by post.  Figuring I didn’t want to wait ’til next month, I got in contact with them and duly ordered myself two flavours; Vanilla, and Maple & Pecan.

somallow_vanillaArriving within a few days the marshmallows survived the trip (and extra two nights stay in a South Birmingham sorting office) remarkably.  Unlike some mass-produced marshmallows, they retained their cloud-like consistency, without beginning to condense.  They come packaged in simple brown paper bags which are resealable – although I’m not sure you’ll need to as the ones I had didn’t last long!

The first ones I tried were the vanilla.  Call me safe, but vanilla is one of those flavours I love – it’s simple and if done right can be lovely and perfumed, rather than sweet (done badly they’re better off labeled bland).  Thankfully these were delightful.  After being hit with a lovely waft of vanilla as soon as you open the bag the vanilla flavour of the marshmallows carries through without being overpowering.  These mallows were delicate in flavour…even if the chunks are more than generous!  With six to a bag I fully expected to get several occasions to sample these, but lost half the bag to friends who were genuinely impressed with them – “ooh” was a phrase most used.

somallow_maplepecanNext up, the Maple & Pecan flavoured marshmallows surprised me.  I ordered them as a comparison, curious to see how the two flavours would be used; if the maple flavour would leave the mallows overly sweet or if the hardness of the nuts would interrupt the fluffiness of the marshmallows.  Thankfully, once again, I had nothing to worry about.  The crumbs of pecan were big enough to impart flavour, but small enough not to interrupt the delicacy of the marshmallow.  The maple flavour wasn’t sickly sweet, but rather complimented the pecan with it’s own natural nuttiness.  Unexpectedly, given how often I like well executed vanilla products, these were my favourite out of the two.

With a well developed product which survived the postal service and a delay in being picked up, I think So Mallow are onto something great.  Their flavours are a good balance of being present without overpowering and combine textures without conflict.  If you’re looking for a more unusual treat to send in the post, these are well worth trying.

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