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Review: Propercorn

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There’s a real nostalgia attached to popcorn for me.  Growing up, there was always popcorn going spare at my best friend’s house round the corner – freshly made and with a modest sprinkling of salt.  And then of course there’s cinema popcorn, sticky and sweet which feels like a real treat, even now I’m (supposedly) grown up.  So when I came across Propercorn, I was a little sceptical as to where this would fit in my fond memories of popcorn.

Recently I’ve tried two flavours; Sweet Coconut & Vanilla and Sweet & Salty, although there are five in total.  Billed as being guilt-free, with the calories contents proudly displayed, they’re going for the healthy snack label that my best friend’s mum went for when we were kids.

Sweet Coconut & Vanilla

I was given this bag free at a bloggers meet a while back and if they hadn’t been free I don’t think I’d initially have picked them up.  The pink packaging, the calorie contents, flavourings that sound like a body lotion…it all seemed a forced.  But when I was moving house and had nothing in the fridge I gave them a go – and I’m glad I did.  The flavours of vanilla and sweet coconut with a touch of sea salt were really well balanced and managed to taste light, flavoursome and sweet.  Initial worries about them being sickly soon evaporated; the flavours were so well done they never became overbearing.

Sweet & Salty

Another lunchtime, another meal deal I wanted something a little lighter than crisps and when I spotted Propercorn’s Sweet & Salty, I thought it was worth a go.  Usually I refuse to buy salted popcorn, it feels like such a waste when I know I can make it at home, but the contrast of sweet and salt really worked…again without being overpowering, just really lovely.  And these ones are suitable for vegans, so another dairy-free snack will keep my lactose intolerance content.  Big win.

I was initially sceptical about Propercorn, but needn’t have been.  With interesting flavours which work well together but never overpower the senses, they are a delicious and light, yet filling, snack which are delicious – whether you’re looking for something guilt-free or not.

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