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Review: Hotel Chocolat Mojito chocolates*

I imagine the planning session for these chocolates went something like this: “everyone likes after dinner mint chocolates right?  And rum truffles go down a blinder.  What if…what if we combined them?!  But we can’t just call them minty rum truffles, how about adding some citrus and calling them Mojito chocolates?!”

Sorry if that sounded glib, but it’s the only way I can think the idea of Hotel Chocolat Mojito chocolates would come into existence.  Because Mojtos are a quintessential summer drink; cooling mint, refreshing lime, soda and white rum clear as the summer skies, with a hint of sugar for celebration.  But chocolate, chocolate to me is more a comforting indulgence good with hot coffee and cold winter nights.

To give Hotel Chocolat their credit, these chocolates do look lovely, I’ll give them that.  But taste wise, this is where things go a bit off course.  The initial flavour is that of a sort of lime cordial taste which is quickly overpowered by rum.  There’s a lot of rum in these chocolates, 9% is a good glug by anyone’s standards, and if you like really boozy chocolate then you’ll like these.  If not, once the heat from the rum burns away there’s a rather pleasant taste to them, you just have to really stick with it.

Hotel Chocolat’s Mojito chocolates are for sale at their website, but from the looks of the reviews over there, others found the overpowering rum an issue too.  To me, these are more of a novelty item than anything else, which is a little disappointing.  I’ve had some lovely Hotel Chocolat chocolates before, but sadly these just aren’t for me.


Disclosure: These were given to me at a bloggers event, although they’re probably wishing they hadn’t now, sorry.

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