Lords Cafe

It’s not often someone recommends trying somewhere for lunch in Birmingham City Centre that I haven’t heard of.  So when my friend John suggested Lords Cafe for lunch, I couldn’t help but agree.

Tucked away in The Citadel, you wouldn’t find Lord’s Cafe unless you were looking for it – the entrance located between Boston Tea Party and Pizza Express at the tail end of Corporation St.  In fact, being located in the internal courtyard of The Citadel, it feels like walking into someone’s office block.

The cafe itself is simple and to the point, with a selection of sandwiches, salads, jacket potatoes, fried breakfast foods and omelettes.  Minimal fuss they serve the kind of everyday food you’d cook at home, the kind of food that just seems to be lacking in the city centre.  And despite it being the first time I’d been there, the staff were genuinely warm and friendly with us newcomers and regulars alike – it felt like walking into the house of a family member for tea!


I went for an omelette, because I can’t remember the last time I saw one of these on a menu and I have a reticence to cook them myself.  The affable atmosphere meant that you could pick from a wide selection of whatever you wanted as a filling and initially I went for ham and minimal cheese.  And then I was that annoying person that went back and asked for mushrooms, which they were more than happy to include.  I added a side salad which consisted of lettuce, cucumber and tomato too.  The food arrived quickly and was exactly what you want from an omelette; cooked on-site with fluffy eggs which encased the well-portioned filling perfectly.  Top marks for an omelette.

With a can of soft drink, plus my friend’s omelette, side salad and orange juice it came to under £10 which felt like a really good deal.  Lord’s Cafe is never going to be considered fine-dining, but the food is good, homely and the staff warm and genuine.  A genuinely surprise, but a nice one.

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